RTO Control Systems is a comprehensive industry service group for the Vocational Education and Training Industry in Australia. It owns and operates 4 key websites each providing a unique service to the VET Industry.

RTO SuccessProvides business building resources for fast tracking an RTO’s success. It offers exclusive online resources to give your RTO an edge in Marketing, Compliance, HR, Management and Automation. It is also the publisher of RTO Success Magazine and RTO Success Book Series.

RTO SoftwareProvider of TEAMS – Total Education and Academic Management System. TEAMS is the premier Student Management AVETMISS compliant software take your RTO management to the next level. Automate your marketing, reduce admin costs, get compliance ready and access comprehensive reports at your fingertips.

RTO SurveySurvey and Research website open for FREE access to all RTOs. Research available includes latest surveys, polls to help an RTO gain insights and know the answers in key areas of Compliance, HR, eLearning, Technology, Admin and other topics unique to the VET industry.

RTO ForumDiscussion and Forum site open for FREE access to all RTOs. Ask questions, participate in latest discussions and be informed of the latest know-how. Key topics of Compliance, HR, Finance, Management, and Technology are all open for participation.

We have extensive know-how, specific industry focussed skills which when leveraged with the latest technology marketing and management practises combine to create a suite of product and services that are unique, offer excellent value and are guaranteed to take your RTO to the next level.

The mission behind RTO Control Systems is very simple. To be the ultimate provider of resources, services, knowledge and tools to help RTOs become more efficient, profitable and compliant and to grow their organisations to their maximum potential.