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Have you ever wondered what strategies, trends and issues are there in the RTO Industry right now? Would you like to get your hands on some of the latest industry specific research and know which direction to take based on sound market feedback? Simply visit www.rtosurvey.com.au and join in the ultimate survey and research website open for all in the VET Industry.

Join the website and fill out a quick 30 second surveys to see the results and trends in the industry. Questions include the key topics of Compliance, Human Resources, eLearning, Student Admin, Technology, Marketing and more. We are the only independent research website that is exclusively for Australian RTOs and is not affiliated or owned by any industry or government bodies. You can join (don’t worry, we keep all your information private) and answer the questions anonymously. You can then benefit by getting the results of each survey you participate in and also get regular updates on any changes to the trends within the industry.

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